Véronique Baer: Design should be fun

Rudolf Räber, 07. 07. 2013

The idea was that the FRXSH should be “so small, beautiful, user-friendly and efficient that it would be a permanent fixture on the kitchen or bar counter, inviting use.” As the enthusiasm of many users shows, Véronique Baer has more than fulfilled her mission. “It was important for me that the Base, which contains the motor unit and sits on a kitchen or bar counter top, appear as simple and elegant as possible. That’s the reason for the matt white colour and the sleek shape. In contrast, the design of the bottles is more playful. Their materials are different, as are their functions, and they are intended to stimulate the individuality and creativity of their users.”

The young Swiss designer is a graduate of the renowned ECAL design school in Lausanne, and now runs her own design studio, Product Design – Véronique Baer, in Eindhoven, Netherlands. “Design should be fun for the user”, she says. This is also reflected in her product range, which includes the foam chair “Bounce” and the “Kill Bill” shelf.


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