Tanja Grandits at ChefAlps

Rudolf Räber, 07. 07. 2013

ChefAlps is a specialist symposium at which 10 world-class chefs appear live on stage.
In addition to guest chefs from Scandinavia, Italy and other European countries, Tanja Grandits, head chef at the Stucki Restaurant in Basel, represented Switzerland along with Rolf Mürner and Denis Martin. We are especially proud that Grandits prepared her drink creations in an FRXSH in front of the audience. As she did so, she was delighted to discover that she could speak easily over the sound of the mixer.

The Stucki currently boasts two FRXSH’s: One is used to prepare pastries, and the other fresh drinks and cold soups. When experimenting, the head chef prefers to use her hands, and for that she finds the FRXSH bottles ideal.

Owing to her enthusiasm for the FRXSH product, Tanja Grandits is now also offering the FRXSH at her restaurant shop in Basel: www.stuckibasel.ch

Save the date of next years ChefAlps: 18th of Mai 2014

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