In Gabriele Batlogg’s kitchen

Rudolf Räber, 07. 07. 2013

Gabriele Batlogg was frankly sceptical about the much-vaunted features of the FRXSH. Small wonder: There’s no shortage of kitchen appliances and mixers at her private cooking school in a renovated, historic barn in Maihof, canton Schwyz. While unpacking her FRXSH, it was obvious that the mixer had the edge in design. But functionality?
After extensive testing, Batlogg put it succinctly: The FRXSH is a drink mixer that is really fun to work with – an advantage at a cooking school full of aspiring participants. And the FRXSH suits her philosophy: “Joy is a blessing that cannot be measured in gold. It arises from satisfying activity and being at peace with yourself.”

Gabriele’s Bellini cocktail is a joy both to prepare and to imbibe later while relaxing:

Bellini Cocktail

  • 200 g very ripe peaches, cut into pieces
  • 120 ml water, 1 tablespoon sugar
  • 1 dash of lemon juice
  • 1 teaspoon grenadine syrup

Purée the ingredients in the FRXSH and put three tablespoons per cocktail of it in a glass, add 3 to 4 fresh raspberries and carefully top off with dry Prosecco. Or just with mineral water. Cheers! Enough for about 6 glasses.
Classic ratio when mixing a Bellini: about 3 to 4 parts Prosecco to 1 part fruit purée.

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